Water Plus – From informal to water-sustainable, from water-sustainable to water-provider

A Lecture by Margarita Gómez-Galvarriato Freer PLEA2012 – 28th Conference, Opportunities, Limits & Needs Towards an environmentally responsible architecture Lima, Perú 7-9 November 2012 Abstract: Mexico City is situated on an elevated valley surrounded by a ring of mountains within an endhoreic basin. The urban area continues to claim land from an ancient lake and the surrounding foothills. Major infrastructure […]

Essential Sustainable Water-use Technology: Learning from Mexico City’s Urban Poor.

A Lecture presented by Margarita Gómez Galvarriato at “Tech 4 Dev 2014”: an international bi-annual conference on technology for development held by the UNESCO chair at the E.P.F.L. in Switzerland. Human population continues growing and concentrating in urban areas where even drinking a glass of water becomes a highly technological act. Many of the new urban dwellers of the world […]