About Us

How we work

In Arquitectura para Vivir we design spaces to enhance life.

We have the skills needed to design sustainable architecture that is respectful to life around it.

We are also human-centric because the human experience is at the core of our design process. So much design is just about the image, often human-less image, though we believe architecture is designed to be lived and spaces should allow flexibility and hold our change and growth.

We address bigger life happenings but we pay special attention to the ordinary things we do everyday. Our design process starts with understanding those ordinary things and those big happenings in our clients’ lives, for they will be the users of the spaces we create. Therefore, we engage our clients from the beginning in a dialog that aims at producing space that’s specific to them, the context, the environment.

Good design is not necessarily about big budgets. Arquitectura para Vivir builds the design process upon a budget looking for the ideal compromise between economy and quality.

We believe in finding solutions that are not just sustainable because they are created with respectful resources and make a rational use of energy and water, they are also about choosing materials that will age gracefully and won’t need to be replaced repeatedly. Often materiality is outspoken in our spaces, and the exposed materials are natural and local.

When we talk about life we are not only referring to domestic spaces, we live the spaces where work, where we eat, where we are. Arquitectura para vivir’s experience covers single-family houses, grouped houses, office spaces, cultural and educational buildings, hotels and other public spaces. We have intervened in existing buildings both of venal and historical importance, in the latter we have adapted the space to modern confort while bringing back its original glory.

We are fully trilingual (spanish-english-french) and have succesfully designed and built spaces for clients that are not familiar with our local ways.